Our Specialization: US Fiancé(e)’s Marriage and Family Visa Categories

Our practice is exclusively focused on US Immigrant visa application processing for immediate relatives and family members including fiancé(e)’s and spouses, step-children, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter.

Most of the visa applications we process are for the fiancé(e)’s  and wives of U.S. citizens. Secondarily, the children of the fiancé(e)’s and wives of U.S. citizens. Also, the parents and siblings of U.S. citizens.

We believe that specialization enables a higher level of expertise. In fact, it is because of our specialization that we have earned the reputation of being the most knowledgeable and experienced in the field of U.S. family immigrant visa processing.


It is a fundamentally sound principal that a firm specializing in the processing of U.S. family immigrant visa applications will be the most qualified to process a US visa for your fiancé(e) or spouse, child or family member.

Associated Services: The only additional services we provide are services our visa clients require: 1.) adjustment of status to legal permanent resident (Green Card); together with employment authorization and advance parole travel permit, 2.) U.S. certificate of birth abroad for children born abroad to a US citizen; including U.S. passport and US social security number, 3.) prenuptial agreements for all  states, 4.) 601 waivers if your visa application has been denied due to a: criminal conviction, prostitution, overstay/illegal presence, medical/psychological. 

Our clients require 100% assurance that their fiancé(e) visa, marriage visa or visa for a child or other family member will be issued. Failure, excuses, and apologies are unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. Engaging a firm with an exclusive practice of U.S. immigration ensures a single area of focus and a resulting high degree of experience and expertise.