Low Priced Visa Services

Let’s talk very frankly about low priced visa services!

Low Priced Visa Services

Advertised prices for K-1 Visa Processing:




Low priced visa services tell you that the visa application process is extremely complex, a process that will bury you in endless amounts of paperwork, but then they tell you how they can do it for you for the low, low price of: $150, $195, $375. That kind of reverse logic doesn’t make sense to anyone.

You should endeavor to be realistic with such an important aspect of your life.

There is no question that getting your fiancé(e), spouse, or relative to the United States is important to you.

Would a reasonably intelligent person trust a low priced visa agent with one of the most important things in their life? Of course not!

Low Priced Visa Services
Low Priced Visa Services

How will you feel if the visa is denied?

A U.S. immigrant visa application for the person you love should be managed by an experienced immigration attorney.

A reasonably intelligent person would not risk one of the most important things in their life in order to save a few hundred dollars. They would reduce their spending on less important things for a few months like: restaurants, movies, weekend getaways, etc.

A low price implies the company lacks faith in its own services – and if they don’t believe in their product, why should anyone else!

Our fees are not expensive, they are set at a reasonable level considering the quality of service provided and the peace of mind you have knowing that an experienced team of professionals guarantees the issuance of the visa.

Low Priced Visa Services