Experience & Expertise

We have extensive experience processing U.S. fiancé(e) Visas,  marriage visas, and other family visa categories.

The shear volume of visas we have processed has certainly had a significant impact on the development of our experience and knowledge.  In addition, the variations in the particulars of and complexities of each individual visa application adds an educational component.

Experience & Expertise

Our experience and depth of knowledge is significantly increased each time we are called upon to process complex visa applications. Such complex visa applications typically required us to assist consular officer’s to understand how a particular law or policy enables visa approval.

We have been involved with many challenging visa applications. We do not shy away from difficult visa applications, in fact, we enjoy the challenge.

For example: prior to the Supreme Court overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, our clients had been repeatedly told by many reputable firms that obtaining U.S. immigrant visas for  transgendered people was impossible. Fortunately for our clients we were not aware that it was impossible and as a result we obtained a significant number of visas for our transgendered clients.

Experience & Expertise

Also prior to same-sex immigration benefits becoming available, we had a client who was born a man in New England, transgendered to a woman in the mid west, and wanted to obtain an immigrant visa for a woman. The legalities of what enabled the issuance of this visa were a little difficult for the Embassy’s immigrant visa unit to comprehend. We took the unique step of consummating a proxy marriage and provided a lengthy and complex explanation that quoted case law, DOJ and DHS policy, and internal USCIS and DOS memorandum. After six months of inaction, we broke the facts of the case down to a two page bullet itemed brief and within a week we obtained an approval.

We have processed many complex and unusual visa applications. We can’t say for sure that we have seen everything, but we feel quite comfortable saying that we’ve seen almost everything. For this discussion we won’t take the time to talk about our experiences with the complexities of obtaining waivers to ineligibilities like: criminal convictions, illegal presence, prostitution, etc. we will merely state that our experience is extensive.

When you combine our experience, depth of knowledge, with our track record you will benefit from a team that has the ability to guarantee your future with the person you love.