Does this sound like you

If the following sounds like you, our firm is the right fit for you:

I don’t have confidence in low priced services, all they do is fill out forms, and we need more support than that. I don’t want to do it myself with a do-it-yourself package. I don’t have confidence in that process or in my ability to successfully do something that I have never done before without making mistakes that will affect my future with the girl of my dreams. This is very important to me and mistakes, delays, and denials are unacceptable.

I want professional help and a guarantee that my fiancée/wife can get the visa. That’s right I want a guarantee. That may seem unreasonable but that’s how important this is to me. In addition, I want my fiancée to get the visa as quickly and as easily as possible. We don’t want the process to be a nightmare for us. We want peace of mind knowing that we are being represented by a competent firm with a successful track record.

Does this sound like you

I am willing to pay a reasonable price for the guarantee of success and the peace of mind of having professionals working for us who have a documented track record of success.

I know professional help is important to the success and timely processing of a U.S. immigrant visa application, but I want to be assured that the company/person I hire is an expert. Every company website I have seen wants me to believe they are the best. I don’t mean to be rude but I don’t believe everything I read on the internet.  I will only consider companies that can provide me with evidence/proof of a successful track record.