Connected via Video Calls

Connected to you and your fiancée, spouse, family member with video calls 

We like to meet with our clients who are outside of the United States using video calls. Obviously, we can’t be everywhere, but with video calling we virtually can be.

The process of representing someone’s interests is more effective when each party can be seen and heard by the other party. Our overseas clients have more confidence in our ability to care for them, and have greater peace of mind when they are able to see and hear the people who are working on their behalf.

Connected via Video Calls

Video calls are very similar to being in the same room with the person you are talking to. The primary senses that can be put to use during an in person meeting are: sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell.

For the purposes our representation both parties to our meeting only benefit from sight and hearing. Video calls provide the maximum benefit to the client and enhance our ability to represent the client.

We gain a great deal of insight in to our clients when we are able to meet them using video calls, this insight enhances our ability to represent our clients.  More on this in Embassy Interview