Waiver of Right to Testamentary Distribution

Waiver of state laws of a surviving spouse to take against the Will of the deceased spouse in opposition to the last will and testament.

Waiver of right to testamentary distribution

The prenuptial agreement will ensure the enforcement of your Will according to your wishes and prevent your Will from being overridden by a surviving spouse as a result of the laws of your state that provide a surviving spouse with the right to take an “Elective Share” against your estate, a “Family Allowance” against your estate, and the right to probate “Homestead” in your estate.

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The prenuptial agreement will state that each party releases any claim, demand, right or interest that the party may acquire because of the marriage in and to the estate of the other as to dower, homestead, curtsey, exempt property,  Family allowance or elective share in the estate and property of the other.