CR-1/IR-1 Marriage Visa, Requirements

CR-1 Marriage Visa
Green Card
  1. Evidence of a family relationship. A valid certificate of marriage must be submitted as evidence when filing a visa application for a foreign spouse. Marriages performed at foreign embassies are not valid for S. immigration purposes. A visa petition for a step child, your spouse’s child will be supported by your marriage certificate evidencing marriage to the child’s biological parent and the child’s birth certificate showing your spouse as the child’s biological parent.
  1. The U.S. citizen or LPR petitioner must either be domiciled in the United States, or intending to establish or reestablish a primary domicile in the United States no later that the primary beneficiary’s entry into the United States.
  1. The S. citizen or LPR petitioner must meet the minimum income requirement based on petitioner’s family size. For example: for calendar year 2017 the minimum income requirement for a family of 2, you and your spouse intending to live in one of the 48 contiguous states is not less than $20,300.00.