Fiance Visa Stats & Facts

K-1 fiance(e) visa stats in FY2016:

(Latest available statistics)

Total K-1 visa applications: 60,895

K-1 Visas issued: 38,403

K-1 visas denied: 22,492

Approval rate: 63%

K-1 visas subsequently issued after initial denial and approval of inadmissibility waiver application adjudication: 12,364

Waiver approval rate is: 55%

(successful waiver applications require an experienced lawyer. Legal fees range: $2,500 to $11,000, with many in the $5,000 range. USCIS filing fee of $930. Processing time is currently 1.5 years, which is in addition to the visa processing time)

Source: Statistics/NIVWorkload/FY2015NIVWorkloadbyVisaCategory.pdf

SUMMATION: These statistics include all visa applications submitted by: immigration attorneys, do-it-yourself applications, and low priced visa agents who fill out forms. One can safely assume that applications submitted by immigration lawyer’s have a high approval rate, so this will drive the overall approval rate higher, and without the lawyer submitted applications the overall approval rate will be much lower. So if you attempt to do-it-yourself or with a low cost visa agent you have a much lower chance of approval than 63%, and using an experienced immigration lawyer your chances of approval are greater than 63%.

Who, in their right mind would venture into an important matter knowing that their chance of success was less than 63%?  A normal thinking person would enlist the assistance of an experienced immigration lawyer to have the best chance of success. Cavanagh, Golstein, Cipriani, & Lynch has a 100% success rate with over 5,000 visas issued. Our track record is verifiable.

The top five countries for K1 visa issuance in FY2016: – Philippines: 8,314 – Dominican Republic: 2,579 – Mexico – 2,232 – Vietnam – 2,196 – Haiti – 1,601