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Send us an email stating that you would like to begin. We will begin drafting your prenuptial agreement after our initial discussions and collection of information relevant to you and your fiancé(e). Within 7-15 days we will present your fiancé(e’) with a draft of the prenuptial agreement, and schedule an appointment for your intended spouse to meet with a attorney (in her/his country) who will provide independent legal counsel and assist in the execution of the agreement. Courts do not respond positively to a prenuptial agreement being presented to a prospective spouse close to the wedding date, therefore signing the agreement well in advance of your wedding is recommended.

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Judge Hamilton

Judge Hamilton
Prenuptial – Postnuptial Agreements
Co-habitation Agreements

Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss specifics. [email protected]

Each client is unique, each couple is unique, and each prenuptial, postnuptial or co-habitation agreement we create is based on the unique characteristics of each client.

                                  – Judge Hamilton

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With a prenuptial agreement, what happens in your divorce is your decision; it’s under your control, not the control of an adversarial court system where the cards are stacked against you before you walk in the door.

If you do divorce, the prenuptial agreement will be your settlement agreement. Everything has been decided in advance so there will be no fighting, thereby avoiding a great deal of emotional stress, assuring that you retain all of your property and investments and saving you tens of thousands of dollars in alimony and legal fees.