Our fees are among the lowest offered by similar competent providers: your research will reveal this fact, however a decision of such importance should not be made based on price alone. Experience, knowledge, track record, trust, quality of and range of services provided, are important factors that can not be overlooked when you need the assurance of a positive outcome.

If you encounter visa application processors offering lower fees you need to be aware that this is a come on. Very limited and shoddy service is provided for a low price and people are solicited to pay higher fees as the visa application process moves forward.

Our clients are smart enough not to act on low price offers, as the visa application process is one of the most important things in their lives and they do not have trust and confidence in visa processors that engage in low price offers as deceptive techniques.

Note: we do not charge fees to process visa applications for children when accompanying a parent, or when following a parent within one year of issuance of a K-1 fiance(e) visa. Other firms will charge you an additional fee for each child.

Low Priced Visa Services