Embassy Interview Preparation

The single most critical aspect of the visa application process is the Embassy interview. This is where the visa will be approved or denied.

Proper preparation of your fiancée/spouse for the Embassy interview is absolutely necessary. We have extensive experience with interview preparation. We will prepare your fiancée/spouse for her/his Embassy interview via a video call. For this task, a video call is as effective as being across a desk or table from your fiancé(e)/spouse. We are able to observe your fiancée/spouse’s mannerisms, facial expressions, appearance, hear her/his tones, English speaking abilities, etc.

Embassy Interview Preparation

We will of course provide you and your fiancée/spouse with a list of questions that will be asked at the Embassy interview so your fiancée/spouse can study in advance of her/his interview. 

Our firm creates a visa application that not only conforms to all requirements but exceeds them and is constructed in such a way as to please the consular officer and reduce the impact of the interview on our clients.

Here is the simplistic way I look at the visa application process: the process is 95% paperwork, 5% interview. The 5% that is the interview is like a final exam at the end of a four to six month period of preparation. A failed final exam, or interview can result in a total failure. Although we are extremely comprehensive in the preparation of our clients, we do not deceive ourselves into thinking that we control how our clients answer the consular officer’s questions. We make every effort to do so, but this is not guaranteed.

So what we do is over control what we do control (paperwork) to limit our exposure to what we don’t control (interview). When a consular officer reviews one of our applications before calling our client for the interview we want their reaction to the application to be “everything looks great, all required documents have been submitted exactly as we like, and in the order that we like, substantial and convincing evidence of the couple’s relationship has been provided, the applicant has an good background, the couples first meeting is appropriate, there are no red flags, I have no concerns about this application, I will call the applicant and ask a few standard questions and issue the visa.

Embassy interview preparation

Each one of our clients is prepared for the interview by our staff and finally by a senior member of the firm, who is an expert at interview preparation and more thorough than any consular officer. The senior member of our firm will know the outcome of the interview in advance will also predict the specific questions that will be asked. If a particular applicant will have difficulty or be denied we will know it in advance. Some of our clients will require waivers from an ineligibility, this will be known in advance. In addition we do not accept clients who do not qualify or who we can’t qualify. We always know the outcome of each and every visa application in advance. When we agree to represent a client/couple there will be nothing that will prevent the issuance of the visa.

With our pre-qualification process we are assuring that nothing will prevent the visa from being issued. Even in the unlikely event that an Embassy interview went horribly wrong, with our expertise we can still salvage the visa application and assure the issuance of the visa. While this is an extremely rare occurrence we are often called upon to salvage visa applications where other firms and individuals have failed.

It is the job of the counselor officer to ask questions to determine if the relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary (you and your fiancé(e)) is real. That you have what is call a “bona fide” relationship. One that has not been artificially created as a way for a foreigner to circumvent the immigration laws and use an American citizen to gain entry into the United States.

Embassy Interview Preparation

The consular officer will ask questions of your fiancé(e)/spouse to determine if her/his intentions for being in the relationship are sincere and genuine:

  1. When, where and how did you meet your fiancee?
  2. How many times has he come to see you since your first meeting?
  3. Where does he live, does he live in a house or apartment?
  4. How old is your fiancee?
  5. Has he been married before?
  6. Does he have children?
  7. How does he contact you when he is in the USA?
  8. What is your fiancee’s job?
  9. Why do you love your fiancee?
  10. Where did you learn to speak English?
Embassy Specialists

This is a brief sampling of questions that could be asked. You should not assume that these will be the only questions asked of your fiancée. Your best chance of success is with a firm that has daily experience with the Embassy.

We exit poll all of our clients after their interview to record the exact questions they were asked.

The success or failure of a visa petition is determined at the interview. The complete discretion to approve or deny the issuance of the visa rests solely with the counselor officer conducting the interview. There is only one interview. Visa denials can not be appealed.

Below is a copy of a typical email we send to our client before we prepare his/her fiancee/spouse/etc…..


The Embassy has set the date of Manee’s interview for August 10th , 2015. Prior to the 10th Manee will meet with me to prepare for the interview. At our meeting I will act as the Consular Officer and I will be asking her the exact questions she will be asked during her official interview, however I will ask more questions and be more thorough than the consular officer. Manee and I will also have a discussion and she will be able to talk with me about her concerns and ask me questions. I will make sure that she is ready to pass the interview and it is also my intent to help her to feel more comfortable about the interview. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns, 

Patrick Sullivan

Cavanagh, Goldstein, Cipriani, & Lynch, LLC