Joseph Cavanagh Founding-Partner
Patrick Sullivan Manager
Roger Harrison Associate
Sean Ryan Associate Counsel
Charles Murphy Associate Counsel

The Creation of CGCL’s Visa Division
The visa division of Cavanagh, Goldstein, Cipriani & Lynch was established to provide clients with a professional alternative to amateurish visa services that do not possess the debt of knowledge and legal training required to manage all aspects of, including the potential pitfalls, that do occur during routine visa application processing.
We feel that clients are better served by a firm with a proven track record and the expertise to overcome the obstacles that are inherent to the visa application process.
Our clients are concerned individuals who are not willing to risk one of the most important things in their lives with low priced and unqualified visa services just to save a few hundred dollars.

Corporate Philosophy and Mission Statement
Our mission is to ensure that couples and families can live together in the United States of America and enjoy all the benefits and freedoms America has to offer.
Our philosophy is to deliver our services to our clients with professionalism, competence, reliability, compassion, kindness, respect, sincerity, and a genuine commitment. We will never lose sight of the importance of our work and how it affects the lives of our clients.

Clients of our firm have never been denied a visa.
Clients of our firm have never been denied a green card.
Clients of our firm have never been denied a U.S. citizenship for a child born Abroad.
Clients of our firm have never been denied a waiver: prostitution, overstay, filing limitation, criminal.
Our comprehensive prenuptial agreement has never failed to provide the intended protection.

Extensive Experience
We have extensive experience working on behalf of thousands of clients with visa petitions before the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, and the Department of State’s U.S. Embassies. Our experience with U.S. fiancée and marriage visas, counselor processing, and Adjustment of Status to Legal Permanent Resident petitions is unrivaled.
We have successfully represented clients for, fiancée and marriage visas, children’s visas, adjustment of status to legal permanent resident, U.S. citizenship for children born abroad to U.S. citizens, prenuptial agreements, removal proceedings, fraud waiver, medical waiver, three and ten year bars to admissibility, criminal waiver, hardship waiver, prostitution waiver, filing limitation waivers, etc. Our prudent methods, assure problematical applications are processed as routine, thereby intercepting and preventing complications before they occur.

Positive Results with Difficult Applications
Many of the visa applications we process are viewed as possessing challenging characteristics by our clients. It is understandable that we continue to see the same challenging characteristics year after year, and while we could view them as routine based upon the frequency in which we see them, each and every visa application is as unique as each couple. We work with visa applications and couples on a strictly individual basis. The penalty for over confidence can be the total destruction of the lives and futures of couples and families. We never loose sight of this fact. Our clients often seek us out due to our track record of achieving positive results with difficult applications.

About US Fiance Visa Lawyer
Daniel Goldstein Partner
Roger Lynch Managing Partner
Judge Hamilton Partner
Steven Grayson Associate
Richard Sacks Associate
Michael Reagan Associate Counsel
About US Fiance Visa Lawyer
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